Professional dog grooming in Middlesbrough

Treat your pooch to the ultimate pampering session
Our dogs deserve a little extra attention from time to time, so whether you are looking for a quick trim and bath or you would like to indulge in our ultimate pampering session, call Sherbet Dog Grooming to discuss your requirements. Our small business ensures that your dog is given extra special and personal treatment from our dog-loving team. See a full description of each package along with prices below.

Full Groom – the ultimate pampering session (prices from £35.00)

Your dog will receive a nail inspection and trim, as well as a full ear check and clean out (if required). Your dog will then be prepared for their bath. Our shampoos and conditioners are all created specifically for dogs. They are also suitable for sensitive skin and eyes so we can thoroughly clean your dog including their face.

After your dog is thoroughly clean and massaged they will then be ready for drying. Our dryers are specifically designed for drying dogs quickly and with minimal stress, leaving their skin feeling revitalised. After this the finishing process entails trimming, clipping and thinning your dog’s coat to create the exact look you require. All finished off with a spray of pet-safe cologne.

Bath, dry and brush out (prices from £25.00)

A warm soothing bath using shampoos and conditioners to suit your dog’s coat type and skin followed by a gentle blow dry, brush and nail trim. This is ideal for Poodles, Bichons or long coated breeds between full grooms, to maintain coat condition and prevent knots and matting.

Bath and de-shedding (prices from £25.00)

De-shedding is ideal for Jack Russells, Collies, Labradors, Dalmatians, German Shepherds and any short coated breeds going through the moulting stage. It conditions the skin and removes all loose and dead hair.

Puppy’s First Groom (prices from £25.00)

All breeds welcome up to 16 weeks old. Any puppy after its full vaccinations can have a puppy groom – this will involve a bath in a mild puppy shampoo, a brush out if long coated and a complimentary nail trim if required. This service is great for any young pup as it teaches them how to behave in a bath, with dryers and on a table…all in a safe environment. This session is especially invaluable for a dog that will require regular trips to the groomer, it’s vital that their first time is an enjoyable experience. (Proof of age is required)

Additional Services

Other services we offer to keep your best friend healthy and handsome:
Nails only £10
Teeth Cleaning £10
Flea Treatment £10
Blueberry Facial £5
Tick Removal FREE

Does your dog deserve a pamper? Contact Sherbet Grooming Service in Middlesbrough