Sherbet Dog Grooming policies

Please call us straight away, if you are unable to make your appointment.

We require at least 24 hours’ notice, when cancelling a scheduled appointment, otherwise a full cost fee will be charged for the missed appointment.

Clients who repeatedly miss appointments, will be removed from our grooming list and service will be refused.

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, you may miss your appointment slot and a cancellation fee may apply so please be on time.


At Sherbet Dog Grooming we groom humanely. We will attempt to de-mat a coat only once, and only if we feel that the animal will not suffer pain. We abide by the Animal Welfare Act.

It is the owner’s duty of care towards their pet, to maintain their pets coat between professional grooming. If owners fail to attend to their pet’s coat, then in the interests of the animal, we will shave off a matted coat, to prevent unnecessary suffering due to neglect. We will always advise the owner before this is done.

We will be more than happy to show you how to look after your dog’s coat. Please note: our normal grooming charge does not include de-matting, any de-matting will be charged for as an extra on a pro rata hourly rate. We do not de-mat: Puppies, infirm/elderly or aggressive dogs.

Dropping off & collection

Please be on time when collecting your pet. Our appointment system works on a 1 in 1 out basis, this means that we will only hold your dog for the actual time it takes to groom/trim him. We do not have the space to hold your dog longer than his allotted appointment slot. Keeping dogs unnecessarily causes stress to the dog.

Working with animals can be unpredictable at the best of times and we try to adhere to tight timescales, so dogs arriving late to be groomed have a knock on effect for all dogs thereafter.

Aggressive dogs

Dogs that require muzzling or extra staff to help manage them, will be charged at a higher than standard grooming rate. This is because dogs showing aggression take much longer than normal to groom.

We reserve the right to refuse a dog that represents a risk of injury to itself or any member of staff, or to send home a dog, even if the dog is only partially completed.

Dogs that show aggression, will be muzzled for their safety and ours. However if your dog only objects to his feet being trimmed, then we will only muzzle him for his feet only and the rest of the grooming can be done without a muzzle.


Please ensure that your dog has emptied his bowel before bringing him to be groomed. A dog with a full bowel finds the whole grooming process uncomfortable.

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